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Counties week 2012 results.

Welcome, the Counties week is a new activity introduced for 2012. Early indications suggest that the new activity was welcomed by the membership. Thanks to all who took part, and a cordial welcome to those who joined a society activity for the first time.


Some comments received from entrants;

Welcome to Paul M0PNA who joins us for the first time.

Hello Rob

No longer a beginner but... My thanks to Graham G3ZOD for reminding the Fists Yahoo Group that this piece of fun was happening. I had hoped to play every day but work away from home, grandchild christening and xyl matters all conspired against me. However I walked on air for days after getting my first contact. Nao JL3YMV/3 in Japan was an end stop on my volume control and only just there! A huge distance advance for me. Thanks to all who helped me and I freely confess that I did check some of the details asked for on the pages. Mike G0AXE had me a little worried that I had his number 361 incorrectly but he patiently explained in beautiful code why he had such a low number. Now that my cognitive speed is getting better this CW is so much fun but then I always knew that it would be.

73 Paul M0PNA

Hello Paul, Welcome! Glad you found time to get on air and join in, congratulations on the birth, and christening of your grandchild. We lead such busy lives these days, I hope that you’ll be able to join in once again during the societies activities.



From Errki OH7QR

Hello Robert,

Please find attached my log for the Counties Week. I missed the Monday. Most of my 32 QSOs were on 20M, only one on 40M and also one on 10M. Graham gave me 15 + 2 points working with club calls, I had also one QSO with his own special call GQ3ZOD. With my dear friend Peter G4LHI I had four QSOs. Only DX was Nao with FISTS EA club call JL3YMV/3. Many thanks to all and I hope to see you all again on the Ladder.


de Erkki #8318

Hello Errki. Glad you managed to find time and get on. An impressive score from yourself. Pleased to hear that Nao was active with the JL3YMV call once again.



From Mike G4NCU who kindly activated his club call, Appledore ARS GX2FKO.

Hi Rob,

herewith my logs for the counties week event. With the time available, I alternated between using my own call sign and my radio clubs call sign with its shiny new fists affiliated number. My own log being for check puposes only.

It was a great new activity week which I hope will stay in the annual calender. I met quite a few members not worked before, and am now looking forward to the silver jubilee week.

73, regards Mike


Hello Mike. Pleasure to hear from you once again, and thanks for activiating GX2FKO, no doubt creating quite an interest on the band. I’m looking forward to hooking up once again during SJW! Thanks for the check-log.



Welcome to Chris G7DDN who joins us for the first time.

Hi Rob.

First time contacting FISTS members so thought I would put a token entry in. Great fun looking for members around the frequencies but not too many folk around in the early afternoons when I am often available. Nice to work the club station though as my second ever FISTS contact!

Kind regards es 73, Chris G7DDN.

Hello Chris, good to have you on board, pleased that you’ve had fun contacting other members and certainly getting the club call in the log so soon; a bonus indeed! Hope you’ll join us during the SJW celebration.



From Phil 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, here is my log for the Counties Week.

I have only been able to get on air a few times during the week but still feel that I should show my support by entering a log for the QSO’s I did make. I hope that others do the same irrespective of the score they achieve.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543

Hello Again Phil. Many thanks for your support of the societies events calendar, an good scoring log from yourself.



And From Darren G0OTT

Hi Robert,

Please find my enclosed entry for counties week. I managed to start the week off well on Sunday, failed to continue this trend due to work commitments.

Was nice to meet up with Mike on Sunday with his new prefix for #3 award (its hard work).

Also worked a few lapsed members on Wednesday who did not believe it was 25th anniversary, may return.

Thank you for putting on the event and Graham for putting out the club calls.

Regards Darren. G0OTT.

Hello Darren. Very pleased to hear from you. Nice to hear that made some time to get on air and an impressive effort from yourself. I admire your dogged determination with the prefix awards scheme! I know that you’re working hard to get them, good luck with all your efforts; and thanks for your support of the activities.



A warm welcome to Richard G0ILN

Hi Rob,

Please find attached my score for counties week. I had antenna problems half way through the week caused by the rain and high winds. Never mind it is all good fun. keep up the good work especially Key Note which I look forward to each quarter.

73, Richard G0ILN Fists 398

Hello Richard! Good to hear from you and many thanks for your support. High winds? I’m sure we’ve all noticed over the years just how windy our island has become! Which is creating problems for us in our chosen hobby. Hope you’ve managed to deal with the problem, look forward to hearing from you again.



From Graham, G3ZOD. Who was active with all three of the HQ calls; plus his own during the activity.

Hi Rob.

This was an interesting week, with my activity primarily on 40m. I was delighted to succeed in having a contact on each of the seven days with Peter G4LHI #229 and, on five of the days, with Nigel G0IIK #172. I took the opportunity to air the Q callsigns GQ3ZOD and MQ5IPX on the Sunday, being the last day they could be used. I was a little surprised by how few people I came across using Q prefixes. I have heard adverse comments ranging from "Gimmick" to "I'm not a Royalist". From my own point-of-view, I wasn't trying to express Royalist tendencies. Rather, I felt it was interesting to air them and also help people working towards the Prefix awards. Coming back to 40m, the conditions were a little odd to say the least with problems caused by QSB. On Wednesday there were extreme variations (at one point a signal went from S9+15dB into the noise in a period of about 30 seconds). On Thursday the QSB was so rapid that I could hear the signal strength coming and going within a single 14wpm dash and on Friday I found the band more stable but with generally poor signal strengths. Conditions on the final day, Saturday, seemed much better than during the preceding days and as a special treat, free of "CQ TEST", HI.

73 de Graham G3ZOD

Hi Gra.

As ever, a pleasure to hear from you; many thanks indeed for your efforts with the club calls during the week!



And From MI0GRG

Hi Rob.

Please find attached my entry for counties week. I had great intentions of building my score over the final weekend, but poor 40Mtrs conditions and the CW contest thwarted my efforts!! Also a power cut (In June!!!) whilst in QSO with G4LHI did not help! I look forward to next years event,

73 Mick, MI0GRG.


Hi Mick, good to hear from you. Pleased you found time to get on air, how many times have we planned to have a good weekend on air, and the odds have been stacked against us! Hope you manage to get on during SJW.



A warm welcome is extended to Nigel, G0IIK

Hi Rob,

This is my first entry for any event,

(Not bad for 24 yrs membership, hi) so I'm not sure exactly how it works, I have enclosed it as an attachment , keeping my fingers crossed that it works ok for you. Failing that I can send hard copy via snail mail.

I really enjoyed the event, just a shame that conditions could not have been better, maybe it would then have been better attended as I suspect a lot of the guys were put off by that.

I think Graham, G3ZOD, and Peter, G4LHI, helped greatly with their support, it seemed as if Peter was everywhere at once attracting members out of the QRN.

Now I look forward to the Jubilee event in September, hopefully in better conditions, not to mention better wx as well. many thanks Rob, also hope to find you on air soon too.

73, Nigel. G0IIK

PS. The highlight for me was working Geo's old call, G3ZQS, brought back some happy memories.


Hello Nigel, very pleased to hear from you. Thanks for your support. Yes, adverse condx often put members off the activities; such a shame! I look forward to being active during SJW; and hope our paths cross once again. Regarding G3ZQS; I was pleased that Paul, (Geo’s son) gave his permission to allow the society to take over the call and keep it active in his memory; as in your case it brings back thoughts of the early days, hearing it on air again.

Keep well, and I look forward to hearing you soon.



And From Peter G4LHI.

Hello Robert,

I attach my claim & report for Counties Week 2012.

I thoroughly enjoyed this event & very pleased with so many QSO’s, I worked 6 new members for the first time, which is always a pleasure, VK2FDU twice & Gra with various Club calls 5 times, & Mike with affiliated call twice, & many more. Thank you as always Rob for inventing yet another very interesting event.


Working mainly on 40 & 20M with one much unexpected Six Meter QSO from Mallorca, not a Fists member, but certainly worth the one point.

Keep bashing the brass & good hunting to you all, & most of all have fun.

Looking forward to other of the many Fists Club Activities on the calendar!

73 de Peter G4LHI # 2219


Hello once again dear friend.

Many thanks for your support and report on the activity. As ever I look forward to receiving your news and views! With the comments received generally from entrants on condx; VK2FDU + others were certainly impressive contacts Peter! I admire your commitment in sleuthing out these stations on air! You must do an article for KN and share your knowledge with us!

I hope to meet up during SJW.



Many thanks to all who supported the event.

Very pleasing to see so many new entrants in this activity! I do hope that you’ll be able to join us for the other events planned for 2012.

To answer requests included in emails; I shall include the couties week event in the 2013 calendar.



Lets take a look at the results table.

G4LHI 323
G0IIK 134
G0OTT 81
OH7QR 72
2E0DPH 62
G0ILN 22
M0PNA 19
G7DDN 14
MX5IPX © 50
GX0IPX © 33
GX3ZQS © 22


Congratulations to G4LHI, GØIIK, and GØOTT who gained the top three slots. A mention to G4NCU for the check-log; and of course being able to activiate GX2FKO. Thanks to Gra G3ZOD for his activiation of the societies calls; A most cordial welcome to those who joined in a society event for the first time. Finally, thanks to all the regular supporters of the events.

(This is sounding like an acceptance speech at the Oscars! Hi Hi)

As ever a pdf document download is available HERE

Until next time.

Keep well

Keep pounding brass



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