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Exchange Your Age Week (EYAW) Results.

Welcome all,

I must start by apologising for such a late publication of the results for EYAW.

This is a revised page, owing to an oversight by myself. My apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Lets get straight on with the comments and reports received during the weeks activity.


Firstly, Erkki OH7QR who comments,

Hello Robert,

Please find attached my log for EYAW. I missed Wednesday, had things to do in the town. In total I had 27 QSO's. Best band was 20m, on 40m I could work only 3 QSO's With my dear friend Peter G4LHI; I had six QSO's (two of them on 40m). Also Gra G3ZOD was very active: I worked him six times (four with his own call and two with special calls). There were some OM's, who didn’t give their ages although I gave mine and I didn’t pressurize them into telling theirs, HI.

Many thanks to all for the QSO's.

Sorry, that I didn’t catch you Robert, I hope to meet you on bands soon.

Vy 73

Erkki OH7QR, fists 8318


Hello Erkki. I did listen and call for you on 20m, I look forward to meeting you sometime during 2012.



From Gra G3ZOD, who I must thank for being so very active with the HQ calls GX3ZQS and MX5IPX.

Hi Rob. This was an interesting week, with noticeably most activity on 40m. Friday was a little disappointing due to a CME making contacts between UK stations on 40m difficult (or in my case, impossible HI).

The biggest surprise though was that on Monday, the S9+10dB, 24x7 noise level I've been suffering from on 40m for several years vanished, leaving me with an S6-S7 noise level. While that in itself is not desirable, I can once more have QSO's on 40m with other than S9+++ stations! My power level (usually 20watts) and the aerial's inefficiency on transmit means that generally I can now hear a bit better than I can be heard. One notable exception was a QSO with Jake ON4YZ, #14592, which was a real struggle involving many repeats. It turned out he was running 2 watts, so that was very pleasing. I'm now hoping that whatever gadget the electrical noise was coming from, the owner has now binned it permanently. Perhaps the built-in obsolescence in many modern electronic devices has advantages!

Another surprise was a reply to a CQ on 20m with a strong signal from Geoff G4ZGP, #3763. I had to have a look at the radio to make sure I wasn't on 40m! I was surprised to learn that Geoff is only a couple of miles from me - I didn't realise there was a FISTS member so close. Geoff was also the most senior member I met up with during the week.

Many thanks to yourself and John M0CDL for putting GX0IPX on the air and to everyone for all the QSO's.

73 de Graham G3ZOD FISTS #8385


Hi Gra. You were very active during the week. I did notice the absence of regular friends who join in the activity, but I did notice that many new calls were active on air!


And from Derek M0DRK a regular supporter of the activity calendar.

Hi Robert, Hope all is well with you. Please find attached my log for Fists Exchange Your Age Week. Though I am not too serious as a competitor, I do find it a great pleasure to take part in this activity. Many thanks to all stations that gave me points. Only one station did not give me his age, but I claimed the one point for the QSO anyway hi.

Good to work Gra a couple of times, that boosted my score nicely with the club calls, thanks Gra. Managed to get two 'full houses' from Peter, G4LHI and Phil, 2E0DPH. During CW practice on Peter's net.on the Monday evening, each of us worked each other for points, thanks Danny, G0SXM, and Frank, G4MSQ who is Fists Nr. 9881, also Geoff, G0DDX, Fists Nr. 15552.. A welcome to Fists and to my log, was Mick, MI0GRG, Fists 15836, I do hope that we hear more from you Mick.

I fully intend to work you all next year EYAW and I promise to give you all an extra point on what you had this year.

Thanks Robert and rest of the team, take care, 73. Derek M0DRK.


Hello Derek, good to hear from you once again, pleased to receive your report and overview. Didn’t manage to hook up with you with GX0IPX, but there’ll be other times I’m sure during 2012.



And from Phil 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, please find attached my log for the EYAW 2012.

A fun week with varying conditions making it quite difficult at times especially on the Friday evening, I had some great QSO’s with both Fists non Fists members.

There appeared to be plenty of activity all the week when I was able to get on air, it was good to hear so many members being involved.

Thanks to all those I worked during the week and I look forward hearing and working you all again soon.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543


Hello Phil, thanks for your report, I notice that you were very active yourself, as you quite rightly point out, there did seem to be a lot of activity during the week, It has been mentioned before that the increased activity in the CW section of the spectrum seems to attract amateurs, whether members of the society or not; to come air and join in. I’ve noticed this trend of late. Long may it continue!



And from John, 2E0JCY

Hello Rob,

Please find attached my modest log for E.Y.A.W.

I have been very busy with work of late but did find time for a few QSO’s.

73 John 2E0JCY 13253.


Hello John, Glad you found time to get on and meet some of the membership once again. We all lead such busy lives; pleased to hear from you once again.



Stan K4UK had such a busy week but managed to get on air for a short while; read on..

Hi Rob.

I've attached my EYAW log which only has four entries. Here's the reason. We drove to Florida on March 2 and 3. I took my KX1 and some antennas and some batteries with me. BUT, I forgot to put the ear phones in, so I couldn't use the KX1 to make any QSO's from Florida.

My wife had to be back home to direct her bell choir on Thursday, so we drove back on March 6 and 7. I played golf on Thursday, March 8 and spent most of Friday the 9 th answering E-mails and revising the Archive List. That left Saturday for some activity in the EYAW. But my wife told me I needed to drive her and 4 other ladies to Lynchburg, VA so they could attend the Emile Pandolfi Concert.

We left Moneta at 5:45 EST. Arrived in Lynchburg at 7:10 EST. Concert lasted 3 hours from 7:30 until 10:30 EST.

We arrived back home 11:45 EST. Before going to bed we moved the clocks ahead one hour since at 2 AM on Sunday we went on Daylight Savings Time EDT. Which is four hours less that UTC.

My wife had to get up at 7:00 AM EDT to attend the 8:30 AM first service at Church since her Bell Choir was playing during both services. I waited until 10:15 AM to drive to Church since I was an Usher at the second service.

After Church we had to pack up the bells and remove the tables from the sanctuary after which we went to the Chopsticks restaurant for lunch. We arrived home at 1:30 PM EDT. Carolyn decided she needed a nap. I laid down in my vibrator chair and don't you know I fell asleep also. So, I guess my EYAW activity suffered from my "Senior Moment" of forgetting my earphones, my golf, too many E-mails and driving off to the concert.

Maybe next year I can do better. - Hi !

73, Stan - K4UK


Hello Stan, A lovely story! My-My! You were active during the week! I’m surprised that you found time to play radio at all.. I admire your resolve to get on air!



A warm welcome once again to Dan K3DRQ who comments.

Hi Rob,

I've attached my log for the 2012 Exchange Your Age Week activity. Remembering that I had done EYAW for the first time last year, I took a look at last year's logs. Don't know why, but I only made 5 contacts over 2 days, maybe I was busy or had some kind of commitment, resulting in my score of only 327 points. This year I did 5 days (was busy and couldn't do the other two) with the aim of shooting for the Top Ten. Despite bad condx at the end of the week, by last year's standards, my score of 1752 would place me at #10. Will I make it to the Top Ten of 2012, will I make the Top Three, or will I have to try harder next year? It's time to find out...

73, Dan K3DRQ.


Hello Dan, pleased to hear from you once again, and to receive your entry from across the pond.. Well, you’ve certainly improved from last year, and you’ve achieved your goal of getting in the top ten with ease! See the results table.



From Piet PA3AFF

Hello Robert,

Here’s my entry for the EYAW 2012. Happy to have worked all stations, especially 3 times a HQ-station operated by Gra. I was active almost each day, and made 20 QSO's (8 QSO's 80, 10 QSO's 40 and 2 QSO's on 20m). Two of them were NM.

I only worked 2 (different) stations with Fists number 10000. It seems that especially the older members with low member numbers were active.

Guess the new members were QRL during the week, hi. Score 47 points. Some statistics:

Average age 62 yrs, ranging from 50.-.85.

Average QSO duration 9 min, from 4.-.15.

73 Piet, PA3AFF, Fists #445, age 60.


Hello Piet. Good to hear from you once again, glad you’ve enjoyed the activity. Many thanks for your overview and statistics.



And from dear friend Peter. G4LHI.

Hello Robert,

I attach my claim & report for the March 2012 EYA Week.

Band condx not too bad during the week, tuff going at times, especially Friday with the C.M.E. & the QRP contest on Friday & Saturday, which spoilt the last day, many members switched on & closed when they heard the dreaded “CQ test”, but very enjoyable event as always, great fun, there seemed to be a fair number of members about but I think a few of the regulars were missing or I did not hear them? I was concerned about dear Ray, G3ASG, he was so active on previous years, and I did not hear any other station working him either? Do hope he is alright & just conditions that kept him off?

I managed 151 QSO’s (116 last year) for 267 + 9771 = 10038 total points, (subject to contest managers red pen!!) The Club calls from Rob & Graham certainly making the total a little bigger, many thanks guys, was great to hear you on & working quite a few members.

I worked 9 new Fists members during the week, some with very low Fists Numbers that I had not worked before, even as low as Fists Nr 2, but two of the very latest members to join us. Many thanks for point’s guys & welcome to the club, I’m sure you will enjoy it & make many friends on the bands.

It is a very good event to enjoy “chats” with members & non members & asking some of the non members, who did not quite understand our language their age, made very interesting QSO’s & I was thanked on a few occasions for helping with their English, that’s what this Club of ours is all about, enjoying CW & encouraging CW. I think I was also the instigator of two new members joining the Club during the week!

Very many thanks to all members & non members once again for the very enjoyable QSO’s during the week, was great fun as all our Fists Club Activities are, many thanks Rob for a good calendar of activities for 2012.

That’s all for now folks, hope to see all those that joined us during the week many times again during the year & lots more new members joining us, there certainly are a lot of new call signs& big new numbers on the Fists Web page every time you look at it, very good for your Millionaire Award!.

Keep bashing the brass! & enjoying your CW.

73 de Peter G4LHI # 2219.


As ever Peter, many thanks for your concise round up and overview of the weeks activity from your perspective. As mentioned earlier by myself, I’d noticed the absence of well known calls heard during EYAW, lets hope that indeed condx and QRL with other activities kept them off air!



And from Daryl G0ANV

Hi Rob, here is my entry for EYAW.Not a bad week all round. Managed to get on every day despite work HI HI. Was nice to meet old friends and some new one's too.


Daryl G0ANV #2270


Hello Daryl.

Good to hear from you. Pleased you managed to meet old and new friends during the week. I see that dear Geoff G0DDX has immortalized our QSO on a certain medium on the web! I wonder if we’re going to become famous or notorious! Hihi.


Last but certainly not least Darren G0OTT who comments;

Hello Rob,

Sorry to have missed you at Wythall rally, was nice to put a face to Graham and meet some of the team.

Please find my enclosed log for Exchange Your Age Week.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who I had a QSO with, also this was my first participation in this event.

I really enjoyed myself this week, lots of members that I have not heard before came out of the woodwork for a chat, very nice to meet you all.

Thanks to you and Graham for putting on the club calls.

Friday was very hard work due to the massive C.M.E./solar flare that killed inter G prop on 40m.

I had to change my tactics to get the age's of foreign speakers but cant complain as my Russian/Spanish/German and French is very limited!!

All my activity was on 40m and a few on 20m with one chat with Bryan on 80m, I put a 66 ft wire along the fence :)

One thing I find alarming is that only 4 ops were younger than me!!!

Thank you again and I will make sure I make a note in my diary for next year.

Regards Darren G0OTT


Hello Darren

Good to hear from you. Yes, would have been good to have met you, I understand that yourself and Colin, M5FRA had visited the stand whilst I was away. Lets hope we’ll be able to meet in the future.

Welcome to the event, very pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed the activity, and I look forward to future entries from you arriving in my mailbox.


Many thanks to all who took time to make EYAW 2012 an enjoyable event once again.

I have been heartened by comments from G4NCU who managed to come on and meet up with members once again. You were noticed by your absence Mike! Good to have you active once again! I hope all settled in now. I did drive through your charming village just a few weeks ago whilst on a whistle-stop tour of the area; also the home town of G3HAL and other members too!

Which leads me on to the subject of most senior/junior members during EYAW. I can say that, looking through the entries received that dear Pol G3HAL has claimed the top spot of most senior member at 90 years! Well done Pol. It’s a real pleasure to know that you’re still so active! Pol mentioned that he’s looking forward to next years bash! I missed you this year, but look forward to hearing you in 2013! The youngest heard was non other that Dan K3DRQ at 27 years!


Time for the results table

G4LHI 10038
2E0DPH 7086
G0OTT 5429
G3HAL 3527
G4NCU 2843
M0DRK 2630
G0ANV 2416
OH7QR 1920
K3DRQ 1752
G0DDX 1514
PA3AFF 1347
2E0JCY 835
G3ZOD 834
G4FGJ 510
K4UK 252
GX3ZQS 1082
GX0IPX 811
MX5IPX 720

Some big scores achieved this year. Congratulations to G4LHI, 2E0DPH and G0OTT respectively for getting the top three slots. Award Certificates to all three. And of course many thanks to all who submitted an entry.


Summing up the weeks activity, and looking at comments received; EYAW 2012 has been, again, enjoyed by all who were active, I look forward to next years event.


As an observation, during our activities, we are all ambassadors for our chosen mode of operation, and to hear from new applicants to the society mentioning that they’d worked certain members who’d introduced them to the society in a general rag chew is so gratifying! I applaud all of you who publicise our society and its aims during conversations with other like minded amateurs!


The next event in the calendar is the counties week, starting on the 10 th of June. I do hope you’ll find time to get on air. Full details can be found HERE

Until then,

Keep Well,

Keep pounding brass



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