2012 heralds our Silver jubilee year.

Commemorative merchandise is being offered as a memento of this auspicious occasion, and I couldn't resist asking members to send images of themselves with their 25th anniversary mugs.

I've decided to devote a page "MUGSHOTS" to the kind individuals who have taken time to comply with my request.

So, please send an image of yourself with your drinking vessel.

Here's a selection already received; keep them coming! It'll be preserved for posterity!

Dick, VK5ATU
Peter, G4LHI
Chris, G5VZ
Paul, M0PNA
Colin, GW0IRP
Ian, G6TGO
Erkki, OH7QR
John, M0BUY
Katsuhiro, JA3UMK
Ian, G4MLW
More information on the 25th Anniversary Tee Shirts being worn by Katsuhiro and Ian can be found athttp://www.fistsna.org/

Graham, G3ZOD
Peter, G0KOK

Billy, M0JHA
Malcom, G4YMB. Who reveals that he has added to his mug collection!



Kinzo, 7N2XUZ
GU3TUX at the chart table in his small yacht 'Zest'. This will also be the /MM area once he gets around to installing his IC703.
Other mugs from the collection of GU3TUX

Awaiting photograph

This means you!

Dave M0GGK

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