QSL CARDS.. A brief history

The concept of sending a post card to verify reception of a station may have been independently invented several times. The earliest reference is supposedly to be a card sent in 1916 from 8VX in Buffalo, New York to 3TQ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The standardized card with callsign, frequency, date, etc. may have been developed in 1919 by C.D. Hoffman, 8UX, in Akron, Ohio. In Europe, W.E.F. "Bill" Corsham, 2UV, first used a QSL when operating from Harlesden, England in 1922. (Source: Wikipedia)

Take a look at some of the images on here.

It's allways a pleasure for me to receive a QSL card with humour as the subject; many Hams use this type of card to confirm a contact. George; Gi4SRQ, located in Armagh; Northern Ireland sent me this one confirming a contact made during 2008 between ourselves. Using Morse code of course!
A QSL card from DF2YJ located in Berlin to myself confirming a Morse code contact between ourselves during April 2007. He used one of our early club QSL cards as we are both members.
Another QSL card from Manfred, DL9CE located in Cuxhaven Germany for a two-way Morse code contact between ourselves made during 2007.
This is our latest club QSL card, available to members, there have been a few designs whilst I've been a member. But this one is very acceptable!

I'm going to update the page with QSL cards from members and perhaps interesting and rare ones from others once I've received permissions.. If you have anything for inclusion; I'd be happy to hear from you with a good quality image of the card and perhaps a brief story on how you managed to work the station/country concerned, or even if you have a rare one in your collection that you'd like to share, I look forward to hearing from you..

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