The International Morse Preservation Society

1987- 25 Years -2012

Silver Jubilee Week results.


Well, after a busy year during the societies history, I can at last produce the results of this auspicious occasion.

Many thanks and welcome to those old a new who found time to join in the activity.

Lets take a look at some of the comments/reports received during the week.


From Erkki. OH7QR/OG9R


Hello Robert,

Please find attached my log for the Fists EU Silver Jubilee Week. It was an enjoyable week and I met 19 members in all. Some were new but most of them were friends I had met many times. I managed to get “the full house” with Peter G4LHI, many thanks for the points mate. I used my other call OG9R and hopefully some of prefix hunters got a new one.

Total: 60 QSOs with 19 different members, 25 NM and following HQ stations: GX0IPX, JL3YMV/3 and MO5IPX (3 QSO), I met also 2O0OOO.

Best band was 20M but I had also 8 QSOs on 40M, on 80M no success.

Robert, many thanks for your great job with our logs, we all appreciate it highly. And many thanks for the QSO with GX0IPX, I was pleased to meet you on band.

Vy 73: Erkki OH7QR/OG9R # 8318


Hello Erkki. Good to hear from you, as ever, good to hear your fist on the band, and a great pleasure to meet up with you.


From Nigel G0IIK


Hi Rob,

I have enclosed my entry for the Jubilee week, for various reasons is is quite a modest entry but I thoroughly enjoyed the Silver Jubilee activity & pleasantly surprised to meet so many newer members active. I found most of the week's condx not too bad with one exception where I heard nothing all day and we were fortunate in that there was no contest on the Saturday.

many thanks for your work with the activities, it's much appreciated.

Regards & 73, take care, Nigel 'G0IIK'


Hello Nigel, always a pleasure to hear from you; Also good to meet up during the event. Pleased that you managed to find time to get on and meet some of the newer members during the week.



From Mike G4NCU


Hi Rob,

Here is my log for the FISTS Silver Jubilee Week and what a super week's activity it was, with lots of members taking part. I was particularly impressed by the number of new members who put in an appearance. The LF bands were in quite good shape except for the Wednesday when 40 metres seemed to be dead all day. Thankfully, 80

metres was OK in the evening.

I think the FISTS Club's 25th Anniversary was very well supported and enjoyed by all. Our founder, Geo, I am sure, would have been delighted.

It was a pleasure to meet you again on the key, and I thank you for all your hard work in this activity.

73; Mike G4NCU.


Hello once again Mike; the pleasure was all mine dear friend, I honed in on your fist and knew it was you before the call was heard Hi.

Thanks for your support and kind words; I’m sure Geo would have welcomed the event and joined in enthusiastically.



From Fritz DL4FDM


Dear Robert,

here is my very small log for the FISTS Silver Week. Only a few QSOs because I was in the hospital for a knee-surgery. Hope to be more active at the FISTS Golden Jubilee Week...hi

Vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM (HB9CSA) FISTS 2225


Hello Fritz. Good to hear from you; and I hope that the knee surgery was successful? Many thanks for taking time to support the event. I hope we meet up during the Golden Jubilee celebrations. Hi



From Martin IK2RMZ


Hi Robert,


Nice to have an occasion to write again. I forgot to add comments to my Silver Jubilee Entry.

This time I had a problem with my standard rig. A DC cable has failed owing to oxide on the contacts, so I had to switch back to my vintage trx

with tubes. I missed the QSK but it was big fun anyway.

Congratulations to all of us for having kept FISTS alive for more than 25 Years.

73 Martin.

Hello Martin. Good to hear from you once again. Glad you had fun with the event; yes indeed, FISTS kept alive for 25 years is a great milestone; I hope I’m around for the Golden Jubilee celebrations!



From Richard G0ILN


Hi Rob.

Please find attached my entry for the Fists Silver Jubilee week.

I don’t think I had one rubber stamp QSO the whole week. What a great bunch we have in our Fists club; everyone seemed to be sending at a speed I could copy, and in many cases with a sense of humour.


Equipment: - Kenwood TS440sat with home brew Z Match into G5RV. And occasional forays with a Yaesu FT817 QRP. My key is Raymart Speed key (Junk sale £2!).

73 Richard G0ILN Fists 398.


Hello Richard; a pleasure to hear from you. I’m so pleased to hear that you had a good time during the activity; indeed, we do have an excellent membership; I hope this will continue for another 25 years and beyond!



From Graham, G3ZOD


Hi Rob.

Well, that was great fun! My first day was Tuesday due to other commitments, after which I was on for four days as MO5IPX and one day as GO3ZOD. On all five of my days I had a QSO with Peter G4LHI and on four of them, with Erkki OG9R and Phil 2E0DPH. Most contacts were on 40m, followed by 80m in the late evenings. The 40m propagation was highly erratic to say the least. A few contacts were quite "challenging" with signals barely above the noise level. Of particular note was a QSO with Dave M0GGK. Dave is at an awkward distance for me (25 miles) and in light of previous experience, we decided to give it a try on 10m where the noise level is low. With a fair bit of repeating, success! Another particularly pleasing QSO was with Stan K4UK. I was surprised to discover recently that Stan is using a wire aerial - I'd always assumed he had one of those enormous beams. I believe that all the other QSOs I've had into the USA over the past few years have been with folk using a considerable amount of ironmongery reaching to just below the cloud base! HI.

73 de Graham G3ZOD FISTS #8385


Hello Gra. Good to hear from you, I thank you for taking time to be active with both your own and one of the societies calls. Glad you enjoyed the weeks activity. Yes, K4UK only uses wire aerials I believe, as you quite rightly say many US amateurs use lots of ironmongery and liberal amounts of RF to get their signals across the pond to us here in blighty; not that I’m complaining, It helps them to wheedle out my meagre signals if they’re pointing the ironmongery at my particular part of the planet!


And from Stan K4UK


Hi Rob

Attached is my log for the Silver Jubilee Week.

Was able to pick up two new unique prefixes of FISTS members, KE6 and MO5 for the Version 3 Prefix Award.

Was using my K2 at 14W with a Bencher key;

R7 Vertical and all band trap dipole

73, Stan - K4UK


Hello Stan, long time no hear, glad you managed to get on air.


From Peter G4LHI


Hello Robert,


I attach my claim & report for Fists Silver Jubilee Activity Week. September 2012.

Well Rob, it is such a pleasure again to say conditions were “good” for the Jubilee Week, apart from when someone up there turned off 40m a couple of times in the week hi.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Jubilee Week, there were so many new members joining in for the first time, & airing their shiny new numbers, was so nice to welcome these guys to our wonderful Club, & remind them about the Ladder on Sunday hi.


It was also very nice to find so many “old timers” joining in the activities; I wonder where some of these hide when there are other activities are on the calendar?

Very many thanks to all that took part in this wonderful event to celebrate our Silver Jubilee.

The event was a great success Rob & I’m sure others will say the same.

Was a very nice surprise to find you Rob, many thanks for that 10 pointer QSO & also many thanks to Graham who was working so well all the week with the other Club Call.

Also very pleased to QSO Stan K4UK late Friday evening, tough going, 439/449, but we made it & very many thanks Stan. Pity the pizza delivery guy made us miss Saturday nite hi.

My summary is 178 QSO’s for a total of 335 points and worked 9 new members. You guys must have done a grand job at Telford.

Thank you as always Rob for this very interesting & very enjoyable Activity.

All the very best to you.

73 to you all, Peter G4LHI.


Hello Peter, as ever a concise round up and overview from yourself. I’m very pleased that you’ve enjoyed the activity celebrating the societies 25 years. I’m sure we all hope that we'll go from strength to strength in the future, and dare I say it; the next quarter century and beyond!


From Eddie DK3UZ


Dear Rob,

please find enclosed my FISTS Jubilee Week log.

Equipment used;



(Johnson Viking Ranger)

RX SSSH29 (Siemens E311b)

AERIAL: Guywire Pyramid, fed via open wire line and remote controled PI coupler

KEY TW "Olympic" bug & Jablonski FME32 sideswiper.


Hello Eddie, good to hear from you and welcome; very pleased you found time to get on air during the activity.



From Darren G0OTT


Hello Robert,


Please find my attached log for Fists Silver Jubilee Week.

First off let me say I really enjoyed this event, was great to meet many new and old members.

Its amazing how events like this can bring members out of the woodwork!

Some strange conditions at the beginning of the week on 40m, 80m came to the rescue with some surprisingly good conditions evident.

I managed to get on every day for some nice QRP contacts, I used my new Elecraft KX3 most of the week running between 3 and 5 watts into my W3EDP or end-fed vertical dipole on 20m.

I enjoyed every contact, shows a great deal of support for the club and CW in general!

Was nice to get Rich G4FAD away from his house build for a very nice chat, hope to hear more from you on air Rich?

Was great to work Peter and Phil most days


Only managed to get Graham once on 80m on last evening on 80m.

I hope as much activity is around for the Golden Jubilee?

Regards and see you all in the ladder and looking forward to the SKW in December,


73. Darren G0OTT

Hello Darren, thanks for your kind words and overview of the weeks activity. I’m very pleased that you’ve enjoyed the event, and managed to get the new addition to the shack fully “stress tested” during the week.



2E0DPH comments;


Hello Rob,

Please find attached my log for the Silver Jubilee Week.

What a great week of activity, with many members and a few non-members taking part.

It was great to hear and work some of our most recently joined members including Norman G4LQF and Allen G0AGC.

With day time work commitments all week, I had limited time when I could commit to the activity, so it was good to have a chat with you all in the evenings.

Many thanks to all those who took time to work me and take part.

Hope to see you all on the Sunday Ladder Activity .


73. Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543


Hello Phil. Good to hear from you, pleased that you’ve enjoyed the week of activity albeit with limited time for radio, Any time spent on air and meeting some of the newest additions to the society is very gratifying.



And from Piet PA3AFF


Hello Robert,

Here my log for last week's jubilee activity.

All 7 days I could be QRV.

Very surprised for the big difference in condx for 40m between some mornings and evenings.

Even some evenings better DX on 40 than on 80m!

My most special 2 QSOs were with Erkki with his 2nd call OG9R, and with new Fists member G4LQF. Norm told me that our QSO was his 1st

'2-way Fists' QSO ever!

Results 42 QSOs on 2 bands, 23 QSOs was the result of my calling CQ.

Calling CQ on 20m didn't give any response.

Thanks for this silver jubilee week!

PA3AFF, Piet, Schaft, Fists 445.


Hello Piet. Very pleased to hear from you once again. I’m glad that you were the one who found Norm and made the first place in his log! Erkki and his OG9R call allways creates interest on the band.



Many thanks to those who came on air to support the event! Worthy of a mention are the significant amount of M3/M6 prefix calls in logs received!

New members of the society who came on and aired their numbers!

A mention to G3ZOD who put MO5IPX on air; also M0CDL who let me invade his shack once again to air GX0IPX

I’ve also received a log from member IX0IXI, Fabio, who as some will know was active with II0FIST from Rome on behalf of the society. Fabio made an astonishing 564 QSO’s during the week! Many thanks for your hard work during the week, Fabio emailed to say that “II0FIST was an interesting and nice experience” Well done!


Just the eagerly awaited results table to publish..


Congratulations go to G4LHI, 2E0DPH, and G4NCU respectively; certificates in due course.


Summing up; it has been a good week of activity, sadly no entries were received from non-members. even though we received publicity via the pages of Practical Wireless and RadCom; to whom I offer my thanks for the space in their publications.

I would like to point out that, whenever the society holds an event such as this, all of us are ambassadors, both for our chosen mode of operation and our society! There is no need for aggressive operating techniques, arguments, and certainly any bad language or profanities!

One thing to remember;


Enough said on the matter.


Next event planned is one of the favourites amongst society members, Straight Key Week (SKW) This will be running from 0001 UTC Sunday 2nd December to 2359 Saturday 8th December 2012. UTC.

I hope you'll be able to find time to join in, and look forward to hearing from you then.

As ever the ladder activity will be running on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month until the end of the year. Full details on both the ladder and SKW can be found here.

As usual both pdf and MS word downloads of this offering can be found by going here;

PDF and MS Word

Until next time.

Keep well;

Keep pounding brass

73 M0BPT.

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