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Straight Key Week 2012.

Welcome to you all to this my final results report and round up of SKW 2012.

As ever; participants commented on how much the event was enjoyed by all who took part.

Lets take a look at the reports received


From Mike G4NCU

Hi Rob,
Herewith my log for the Fists SKW 2012.
Another very enjoyable activity week, although I dont think my wrist appreciated it quite so much after some long spells of operating hi.
I thought the change of date for the activity this year brought out a few different members, some of which I had not worked before. As always it was nice to rag chew with new and old members again.

Mike G4NCU

Hello Mike, as ever; a pleasure to hear from you, one or two commented on aches and pains after the activity had ended. Glad you enjoyed the event.

From Phil 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, here is my log for the Straight Key Week.

As last year my day time job gets in the way with this activity but tried to give it my all when I was able and conditions allowed!!

It was great to hear many regular and new members during the week, I do hope that it will continue along with the Ladder and other activities during 2013. Highlight of the week for me was to finally work Stan KN0WCW although with not the best of conditions, on the final day, thanks Stan.

May I take this opportunity to thank you Rob for all your work, time and input in getting all these events on the air over the past few years.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543

Hello Phil. Good to hear from you. Many thanks for your kind words; let me say how much I've enjoyed meeting you; and for your support of the events over the years. Pleased to hear that you found time to get on during the week, and KN0WCW with Stan at the helm was an added bonus. I see from looking at your log that Bill; G0BAK was active! haven't heard him on the band for quite some time, good to know vhe's still active. Keep well Phil.


From Geoff G0DDX


Much to my disappointment I didn't get the Flex 1500 back in time for SK Week. So had to do it with the IC706 instead. I worked someone every day which was a good start for me. I don't think I will catch Peter G4LHI, or even Phil 2E0DPH. However, I can but try, even if I fail to get anywhere near them! I still have a long way to go, and will keep plodding on. Nice to hear plenty of people on the bands calling FISTS.

Best Regards Geoff G0DDX Fists: 15552

Hello Geoff, good to hear from you, pleased you managed to get on and work someone every day. Shame on the flex not being available, but the 706 I'm sure did a grand job, one of my favourite radios! As you quite rightly say; good to hear the band full of activity during the event.


A warm welcome to Allen G0AGC who comments;

Hello Rob,

This was my first effort at a FISTS event. However I know that compared to some members activity I will be way down the list but never the less I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As they say it’s not winning that counts, it’s the taking part that really matters.

Thanks to everyone involved in setting this up and I look forward to more events in 2013.

73, Allen G0AGC FISTS Nr. 15927

Hello Allen, Very pleased to hear from you and warm welcome in this, your first entry in a society activity. So very gratifying to hear that you've enjoyed the event and are looking forward to more planned for 2013. I'm sure you were made welcome by all on air; and a pretty impressive score!


From Darren G0OTT

Hello Rob,

I enjoyed the times I could make it on the air, not as much time as I would have liked but work pays the bills :( It was great to meet some new to me members and meet up with regular's.

The conditions were changeable with quite deep QSB, makes it more challenging :) I used my FT 990 and Kent brasspounder.

Thank you all that took part.

Regards to all, Darren G0OTT #14062

Hello Darren. Allways a pleasure to receive your log in the mailbox. I didn't realise you used the FT990 Darren, in my humble opinion; one of the finest amateur radio sets Yaesu ever produced!


A few words from Martin IK2RMZ giving his thoughts on 2012.

Hi Robert,

From my experience with the QRS week I know how hard it is to write the texts describing contest rules. It's difficult to imagine how many misunderstandings are possible... So I have to admit that I had a problem, too. I find two statements in the rules contradictory.

1) You mention side swipers are allowed. 2) You mention anything but electronically produced CW is allowed How about the bugs? I would have liked to use one but I didn't dare to do it because I thought you would have mentioned bugs if it had been your intention to allow them.

Earlier this year I purchased a new bug in the UK. British craftsmanship at its best. It's a real jewel from TW electronics while still being affordable. I did even enjoy that the builder accepted my personal wishes by selecting the softest spring he had in stock. Soft enough to use it for the QRS week.

Sorry for not having bee hyperactive in the SKW. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and it is quite intentional that I made the very most of my QSOs in the hotband. I hope FISTS club will consider a more proactive attitude in the hotband issue. AGCW is the front runner and that's why I dedicated more time to AGCW this year. The Scandinavian SCAG woke up unexpectedly and recommended the hotband explicitly for its 2013 activity. Please Graham: is worth a look and maybe a few words in the Key Note. The hotband (I mean the CW-only sub band 7035-7040, of course) is the SHAME of today's ham radio. The one and only place in the ham band where sub band abuse outnumbers regular use. It is just as much a shame how most CW clubs don't take a clear stand on that issue. Where have all the CW lovers gone?

Maybe one of the problems is the finesse of Shakespeare's language. The IARU names all it's decisions and findings "recommendations" which is probably the right word in diplomatic terminology. But the IARU band plan is a binding agreement and it is absolutely not negotiable or subject to interpretation. It's international law. A sloppy use of it is real bad. The RSGB got its lesson, too. In 2009 they pushed through an agreement about contest free 40m qrgs, and years after it they still disregard these frequencies in RSGB contests. No wonder, they were defeated by the German IARU delegation (obviously inspired by high power contesters, probably the even the "world champions" around Y61HQ, oops, I mean DA0HQ) in Sun City and the nice contest free 40m band is gone forever.

Other good news from AGCW is that it started to use the reverse Beacon System to detect and punish contesters using contest free qrgs in contests.

Martin IK2RMZ

Hello Martin, good to hear from you after so long; now, where do I start? Regarding the "bug" issue; I allowed the use of side-swipers for people with medical conditions to take part in the event; they were being left out because long periods of up and down keying aggravated the condition(s) they were suffereing from. I consider bugs to be a form of semi-automatic keying and thats why I did not allow them. I/we must be seen to create an even field of competition where all might be allowed to enter.

Regarding the TW bug, I'm pleased that you're enjoying the new purchase, I see from reviews that its been received with favour here in the UK and further afield. From a personal point of view; I'm not a "bug" man; a pump key or an occasional change to one of my single-lever paddles in my collection pleases me!

The 40m issue? this has going along for sometime now; and it wouldn't do for me to fan the flames on the fire by adding my comments. It's certainly a topic for discussion, so if Chris would like to open this for discussion during 2013; then I'm sure he'll invite people to do so. Keep well, and most importantly, enjoy your CW. It is, after all, a hobby we enjoy.


From Peter G4LHI

Hello Rob,

I wondered how we would get on this year the band conditions very poor compared to 2011, but you know how determined us Fists nuts can be, & it appears we overcame the bad conditions & poor propagation & it appears to have been a great success all round.

I really did enjoy the week, very sorry to have missed you when you came on with the Club Call, hope you had a few QSO’s? I only managed to work Stan once although he did say in an email that he heard me calling him a few times & also heard me calling CQ SK Week on 40 & 80m.I hope Stan did find a few QSO’s with all his efforts.

Was very nice to work a lot of old friends again, had some good chats & also very nice indeed to meet & welcome 5 new members to the Fists Club, do hope you enjoyed the event & will continue to join in all the Fists Activities during the years to follow, it’s a great Club & offers a wide variety of events for newcomers to CW as well as the old boys, so have fun whatever your speed.

I was very lucky to have 151 QSO’s for a total of 280 points this year, great fun.

Using Kenwood 590 @ 80/100 watts.

Ant: G4CFY inverted Vee Trapped Dipole about 30ft

Keys: Czech, Swedish & NATO

Take care & enjoy your “semi retirement?”

Will say 73/88 to you now Rob.

Peter G4LHI # 2219

Hello Peter. As ever a concise round up of the weeks activity from your perspective. I thank you for your support over the years, and its never ceased to amaze me just how dedicated to the society you are! Without appearing condescending, I wish you many years of enjoyment with the activities within FISTS. Long may you reign supreme dear friend! Take care, and keep well..


From Colin M0XED


Please find attached my log for straight key week (in my case, straight key few hours last Sunday) so that other members may be credited their points. Thanks for collating all this.

73 Colin M0XED

Hi Colin. Good of you to find time to get on for a few hours, it isn't the winning, its the taking part that counts!


I've also received a log from over the pond from Steve W1SFR. Welcome Steve.


And From Richard G0ILN

Hi Rob,
I really enjoyed SKW. Everyone was so friendly. I have just discovered the fists Log Converter. What a useful tool. I will make a lot more use of it in the future.
My set up is TS440s at 100 watts into G5RV. And a few forays with my FT 817 at 5 Watts.
My key was a Raymart Speed key.

73 Richard G0ILN Fists 398

Hello Richard, Welcome, glad you enjoyed the event! Aha! A Raymart speed key; yourself and G3JFS are the only two people that I'm aware of who still use them. (I'm sure I'll get emails informing me that they are still being used by many!)


From Piet PA3AFF

Hello Robert,

Here my short log for SKW 2012. Could be QRV only for short periods. Got 21 points.Stn: 15W Ant: endfed Zepp up 6m. Key: J-47, US Army WW2
Robert I thank you for evaluating many logs for Fists for the past years. Wish you lots of luck in the near future!
Also good wishes for all in 2013! Cul.
PA3AFF #445

Hello Piet. As ever many thanks for supporting the event. Many thanks for your kind words.


A warm welcome to GW0EDC, who chose SKW for his first log return.

Hi Rob,
Please find the attached SK week log. This is the first time I have returned one, although I have dipped in and out of SK week in the past, domestic situation permitting.

It was for me not about the points but the social aspect, I managed to hook up with some long lost pals.
It was challenging at times, given the conditions on the bands and opposition from contests at either end of the week, never the less I enjoyed it very much and had great fun.

Regards to all the workers at H.Q. you are all doing a great job, thank you.
Brian GW0EDC fists 151

Hello Brian, a pleasure to hook up with you during the event. I'm so pleased that you consider the event to be a social one, and managed to hook up with some old friends, isn't this is what the hobby is all about? Thanks for your kind words, its something we all enjoy doing.


Stan K4UK emailed to say how bad the conditions were across the pond, nevertheless pounded away and sent in logs for both his own call and also KN0WCW. Thanks for all your efforts Stan.


A very welcome surprise to receive a log from FDU! Welcome to Garry, VK2GAZ who writes.

Hello Rob M0BPT #5576,

First allow me to say just how much I enjoyed the event, although I did not make many contacts, the ones I did make were most rewarding.

Many thanks to you and the Fists CW Club for organizing this great event.

73 - Garry VK2GAZ #14151

Garry Cottle
Richmond NSW 2753 Australia

Hello Garry VK2GAZ. A real pleasure to receive your log from Fists Down Under! As I've mentioned many times, it doesn't matter how many contacts you make, as long as you enjoy them, and make new friends! I thank you for your kind words, and we look forward to your entries in future activities.


From Erkki. OH7QR

Hello Robert,

I had a lot of fun during the week. I had 59 QSOs in all and I counted 116 points. With Peter G4LHI and Phil 2E0DPH I had QSO on each day. From day 2 on I had early morning QSOs with both of them at around 0630 UTC. Well, it is not early here; my time is 0830 local, HI. I was lucky to work two clubs: VK2FDU/3 once and KN0WCW as many as four times. Many thanks to all for the enjoyable QSOs and I wish to meet you on bands also next year. All the best to all in 2013.

My rig is FT-897D, power 100 Watts and antenna on 20M is 2 element quad and a loop on 40/80M. My key during the week was an old straight key. There is no label on it, but I believe that it comes from a ship’s radio station.

I take this opportunity and thank you for the great work you have done during all these years you have been the club’s contest manager. I am sure that we all appreciate it very much and wish you good time on your “retirement”. I hope to meet you more often on radio. Again, many thanks Robert.

73, Erkki OH7QR fists 8318

Hello Dear Erkki, So pleased to receive your entry in CD via snail mail. Well done with VK2FDU and KN0WCW. And good to hear that G4LHI and 2E0DPH made it into your log with many others.

I thank you for your kind words; and more importantly, support of the societies activities over the past years. I wish yourself and Leena continued good luck and health for the future.


I've also received an entry from Timo.OH5FNI via snail mail, he tells me that He's 75 years of age and his English is not very good; and that he speaks only "Tarzan English" to use his words.

I'm very pleased to receive your entry Timo! 107 points and 22 countries contacted is a remarkable 1st effort! I hope that you'll enjoy entering more of the societies activities in the future!


That's all the reports received for SKW 2012. In summing up, its been heartening to receive entries from "Down under" and "North America" members this year; plus of course all the regular participants from Fists EU. Long may this continue. Comments received were very pleasing; GW0EDC commented on the social aspect of the event! How very true! I've made the point that activities planned are an agreeable palce to meet new members, from the newcomers point of view, its a place where seasoned members will help you along with your first steps. G0AGC commented that it isn't the winning that matters, its the taking part that counts! Again, very true! G0ILN commented that everyone was so friendly! These words confirm what the society stands for; engender friendships, preserve the mode. But I think, most of all "Have fun".

I thank you all who've supported the event both this year and of course previous years. I do hope that you'll all continue to support the events planned under the G5VZ administration of the actvity calendar. I look forward to meeting up on air with many, if not all of you during the coming months, a house move and no aerials erected at the moment will delay that pleasure somewhat, but maybe a hastily strung loft aerial will get me on air without delay.

Lets Take a look at the results table

G4LHI 280
G4NCU 191
2E0DPH 181
GW0EDC 135
OH7QR 116
G0AGC 115
OH5FNI 107
W1SFR 95
G0ILN 91
G0OTT 47
G0DDX 39
K4UK 24
M0XED 12

Congratulations to G4LHI, G4NCU and 2E0DPH respectively for taking the top three slots; a mention to GW0EDC, G0AGC and OH5FNI for good positions with their first ever entries in a society event. A thank you to you all who took time to send in a log and support the event.

Certificates in due course to the top three scorers.

As ever: both pdf and MS word downloads of this offering available by pointing your cursor here pdf and here MS Word


It's been a pleasure serving you for the past six years or so. May I wish you all;

"Good luck"

"Good health"


Keep "Pounding Brass"

With 73




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