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Welcome once again from the stable of M0BPT.

The Titanic event has been completed, heartwarming to hear such positive comments from participants, although many found the going tough owing to other events that were going on.

Nevertheless, a good time was had by those who took part.


Some comments received.


Firstly, from Bevan VK4BCM. Bevan Was the driving force behind the VI4MGY SES; operating from the Queensland maritime museum, South bank, Brisbane.

Hi Rob,

Well it is all over now.

My thanks to all those from the Redcliffe Radio Club who actually rolled up their sleeves and participated in the event.

Although these guys were not "CW" ops. they saw the opportunity to get involved in something that would promote the amateur radio movement,

Providing transport, logistical and moral support and even XYL support with snacks.

Without these visionaries the event would not have been the success it was.

In spite of battling JA , GC , Russian contests and adverse weather we put up a formidable effort.

Our brightly coloured tent stood out among the old maritime relics in a pristine area on the banks of the Brisbane River.

Let's admit it, we were not in the best position for radio

communication but we persisted.

Satisfaction was gained from seeing the many families visiting the site as a result of media advertising and asking questions about Morse code,and the role radio played in the Titanic disater,actually seeing the operators working and having an opportunity to send Morse code themselves.

We had 3 operators until about 1100Z and one from then until we closed at about 2230Z.

The result was in excess of 170 contacts including one from the sub Antarctic island of Macquarrie.

We are pleased with the result and happy to know we made many children more familiar with Morse code.

It was a fun day. Thank you all.

Maybe we could make it an annual event contest.

73 Bevan VK4BCM

Images of the Redcliffe and District Radio Club, VK4IZ during their day of operation using the Special event call VI4MGY from the Queensland Maritine Museum. Brisbane, Australia.

Thanks to all who put in so much time and effort introducing visitors to Morse code and the amateur hobby.

Hi Bevan, Firstly my thanks go to you and the people from Redcliffe ARS for the effort! To hear that many were introduced to the hobby and CW is so gratifiying! Many thanks for the images of the day.


From John. 2E0JCY

Hi Rob, please find my log attached for the Titanic sprint.

I was in and out of the shack all day and somehow kept missing most of the special event stations. On the plus side, I was pleased to work member Brian G3WCY for the first time and Gra with the club call MX5IPX on 6m for a new band.

Thanks as always for the work you put into these activities.

vy 73 John 2E0JCY #13253

Hi John, Always happens that way! You can listen for sometime, as soon as you turn away the bands are prolific with the ones you’ve been waiting for! Glad you enjoyed the event.


From Chris, VK2CTN

Hi Rob,

Please find attached logsheet for VK2FDU.

We made 37 contacts, with a total point score of 66.

Many thanks for all your work with co-ordinating the event.

73, Chris VK2CTN, VK2FDU Manager

Hi Chris, Hope all enjoyed the event, pleased to receive the entry from friends “Down under”


And from Stan K4UK, who was operational with KN0WCW during the event.


As you can see I didn't make very many QSO's. Had very few answers to my MANY CQ's during the 24 hour period. As you can see I only worked two of the Special Event stations involved - GR100MGY and EI100T.

On Saturday I did work with my own call three other stations which were recognizing the event - KM1CC, K1T and W0S.

There were many contests in operation Sunday and band conditions were not very good.

Did enjoy running the Club call.

Also attached is a picture of the QSL card I made for all contacts I made. And a label I put on the back of each card.

Got a great card from Ralph, WB8DQT with a picture on the front of the Titanic.

It confirms my QSO with him using KN0WCW. Wish I had worked him with my own call as well - Hi !

I've made a copy of the card.

I don't know how well the paragraph on the back will come out, so here is what is printed thereon:

“For many, the beginning of the proud tradition of wireless Morse can be traced to the early-morning hours of 15 April 1912 when over 1500 souls were lost with the foundering of the RMS Titanic. Today only a relatively small group of Amateur Radio operators is still true to that tradition. In recognition of that heritage, I dedicate each one of my straight-key Morse contacts to Titanic's Marconi operators "Jack" Phillips and Harold Bride”

73, Stan - K4UK

Hello Stan, One feels almost humble when reading a transcript such as this. Pleased that so many took time to honour the bravery of such people.


And from Erkki OH7QR/OG9R

Hello Robert,

Please find attached my log for the Titanic 24 hour Sprint. I had hoped to work many special event stations but sorry to say I found only one: W1S. I worked three club stations: VK2FDU, MX5IPX and JL3YMV/3.

I used my second call OG9R.

73 de Erkki OH7QR / OG9R fists 8318.

Hello Erkki, good to hear from you, as mentioned earlier a lot found the going tough owing to other events going on, glad you found time to get on air.


From Peter, G4LHI.

Hello Rob,

Very many thanks for organising the event for the Fists Club & we all appreciate the work involved in keeping us informed etc, well done mate, & many thanks to all the guys (& dolls) who put on the stations recognising the 100th Anniversary of the loss of the RMS Titanic on the 15th April 1912.

I was a little disappointed that I could not participate as long as I would have loved to do, but other commitments seemed to get in the way on that Sunday hi, but I was very pleased to work a few of the SES together with other members & non-members. I was particularly pleased to manage to work VK2FDU, very poor reports but we made it, mni tnx Chris.

Another thing that rather spoilt this event was the Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest, this was wall to wall on all the bands from 2100 Sat to 2100 Sunday & they only exchanged RST & Zone, so no good for the Sprint logs hi. Anyway, all to their own I guess and I’m sure there must have been quite a lot of activity for the Sprint, will be very interesting when you get all the reports in Rob & you publish the final results.

Again, very many thanks, another enjoyable Fists Club event Rob,

Take care, 73 de Peter G4LHI # 2219.

Hello Peter, Yes, many commented on the difficult condx during the event. Pleased to hear that you found the event enjoyable; albeit difficult.


I’ve received these words from Martin, DL1GBZ/IK2RMZ which came as a on.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the activity to commemorate the bravery of those who saved lives from the Titanic.

Please find enclosed my log, It had to be very small

because I was dog tired when I came home after spending all day on the road and under the rain.

But I couldn't help to be QRV a little bit, just to honor a relative of mine named Fritz Zürn. He was hired only a few minutes before the ship left Southampton, so he doesn't even appear on the crew list.

He worked as a baker and cook and he seems to be the one and only German survivor.

What I found about him on the Internet is all in German.

It was his last assignment, and after this adventure he went back to his home town Gemmrigheim (JN49na) where he owned a cafe which he named "Titanic". He passed away in the eighties; there but the cafe is still there I believe.


Martin Zürn, Dr.

Hello Martin, your words regarding a relative who survived the disaster came as a surprise! I’m so pleased you managed to get on air after such a hectic day.


Les, M0UMH sent these words;

Hi Robert,

I know it's not much of a log, but I am new to CW and this is my first activity entry in any mode and I just wanted to submit something even if it's only 5 points from one QSO. I think I've got the format right,

maybe you would be kind enough to tell me if I haven't?

73, Les; M0UMH.

Hello Les, and welcome, Any entry in one of our activities, no matter what the score; shows support of the event. The most gratifying comment is that you’ve chosen to join in and further your CW! I know many will applaud when reading your words. I hope you’ll continue to come on and meet members, submit an entry in forthcoming events.


And From Mick, MI0GRG.

Hi Rob. find attached my log for entry to the Titanic 24 Hour Sprint 2012. This is a modest entry, owing to well below par band conditions, and trying to fit in time at the Radio around my other activities. Pleased to have entered my first FISTS activity, as a recent new member.

73, Mick-MI0GRG.

Hello Mick. Glad to have you on board. Welcome to the society! As you’ll have no doubt read in my earlier comments, no entry is modest, too small. I look forward to receiving many entries from you in the future.


From Graham, G3ZOD.

Hi Rob.

The Titanic Sprint proved a bit "interesting" with the 24 hour Yuri Gagarin DX CW contest running from 21:00 UTC on Saturday to 21:00 UTC Sunday 160m-10m, i.e. a clash during 21 out of the 24 hours available! Best DX heard but sadly not worked was VK2FDU on 20m operated by David VK3DBD/G3SCD, VO1MGY on 40m and ZW7MGY on 15m. Not being much of a DXer, I guessed ZW7 was somewhere in East Europe so was surprised when I looked it up and found out it was in Brazil. I did manage QSOs with three of the UK and Ireland special event stations. The last one was on 80m at 23:30 UTC. I had actually turned off the radio earlier but decided to have "one last listen", so that was a definite bonus! Thanks to the FISTS members contacted and the folk who put the time and effort into running the special event stations.

73 de Graham G3ZOD FISTS #8385.

Hi Gra. Good to hear from you. As commented earlier, many found the Gagarin event swamping the bands. But many soldiered on, perservered; and made some surprising contacts! Thanks for your support.


And from Dan, K3DRQ

Hi Rob,

Only got 24 points, but it was my first sprint and my first time working KN0WCW, so I thought I'd send the log in

73, Dan K3DRQ FISTS #13110.

Hello Dan. Always a pleasure to hear from you and receive an entry. Nice to hear that you’ve got FISTS NA KN0WCW call in the log, guess you’ll have to get JL3YMV, VK2FDU, ZL1FF, GX0IPX, MX5IPX and GX3ZQS for a full house! Something to work towards Dan..Hi.


Titanic 2012 was an interesting exercise.

Many SEStations on air promised to make this event an exceptional one, but sadly other events, condx transpired to make things difficult.

Things that are worthy of mention are the people who, although new to CW came on to join in, new members to the society came on, the guys from Redcliffe ARS, Bevan VK4BCM, Chris VK2CTN, Stan K4UK, Nao, JL3YMV all gave up a significant amount of time, as did all who sent in entries.

My thanks go to you all for supporting the event, promoting the hobby to members of the public.

It would have been nice to receive more entries from SEStations, members etc. But no doubt the difficult band condx made many turn the radio off and pursue other interests.

Time for the results table..

G0EML 122
G4LHI 67
2E0JCY 45
OG9R 32
K3DRQ 24
VI4MGY ses 171
VK2FDU © 66
MX5IPX © 61
KN0WCW © 29


As you can see, not too many entrants, the entry by G0EML took the top slot. Ray sourced many SEStations to score so well.

Congratulations to G4LHI and to MI0GRG for second and third place respectivily.

Thanks to the op’s of VI4MGY, VK2FDU, KN0WCW, and MX5IPX for taking time to get on air. Also to all who sent in an entry. Thanks for your support

Certificates in due course.


Till next time.

Keep well,

Keep pounding brass!



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