January 2012

Issue 70


Welcome, and a belated happy new year to you all.

As I prepare this offering, here at M0BPT the snow is falling, with quite awful windy conditions.

I’m hoping to get some aerials up in the air in the not too distant future, but it’ll have to wait until the weather shows some improvement..hi.


On to business. Lets look at some of the reports/comments received this month.


Firstly, from G3ZOD

Hi Rob. I went out /P (static /M) on the afternoon of the 8th for the Ladder. However, I was very late setting out, leaving only the last 45 minutes to operate, so the results were a bit "thin". It was very misty when I arrived and had deteriorated to thick fog (or cloud) by the time I left. Likewise, I set out on the afternoon of the 22nd in decent enough weather. However, when I got to my spot, there was rain and hail being blown horizontally, with the car shaking in the wind and some very ominous clouds above. As I didn't fancy lightning down my mobile whip (or the whip being bent in the wind, come to that), I decided to retreat and head back home, QSO-less. On the return journey, I did scout out some alternative QTHs that were less exposed but looked suitable for HF, so some good came of it, HI. (Note to self: check the current and forecast WX for the destination BEFORE setting out!!)


During 2011 I continued participating in the monthly 6m RSGB UKAC contests on CW, nominating FISTS CW Club as my club. Using an indoor antenna and CW in what is an SSB contest in all but name is "interesting" HI. Generally it's a good night if I make it to 3 QSOs! The 2011 results are out now, with my position as 83 out of 171, which is slightly higher than half way up the list. It goes to show that being there each month has more bearing on the end-of-year placement than appearing occasionally with a higher score. FISTS CW Club came 38 out of 56, again not too bad considering I was the only station contributing points. There is also a UKAC club table for all bands and FISTS CW Club was 73 out of 97. I'm indebted to fellow FISTS members Paul M0PNN and Ian G6TGO for the many 6m CW QSOs during the year.


This week I went to my local radio club (Stockport Radio Society) meeting after something around a 40 year break. It was nice to meet up with the folk there and I think it is good for me to get out somewhere other than hill tops with atrocious WX. HI HI.


Regarding the possible re-instatement of The Four Seasons (or will it be The One Season / The Two Seasons?!?!) later in the year, I think I am in an minority; I would like to see it back, but would prefer to see it re-start in 2013. We have a lot of activities this year to focus on, with a major week-long activity each quarter, the twice-monthly Ladder and in between these events, collecting QSOs for the new Prefix Awards. In addition, the EUCW has decided to re-instate the EUCW QRS week so I hope members will also support that event (April 23 - April 27). (Note: the latest version of FISTS Log Converter includes the EUCW QRS week.)

Until next month, 73 de Graham G3ZOD FISTS #8385


Hi Gra.

Thanks for a concise round up of the months happenings, I too have been caught out with inclement weather during /p operation; as amateurs, we still go along in the hope that the weather somehow miraculously will miss our chosen spot! Even if a weather check does forewarn us of the impending monsoons/gales etc. For the majority these days, an afternoon in a nice cosy radio shack seems much inviting than clambering around a windy hilltop! I admire your resolve!


From Erkki. OH7QR

Hello Robert,

Please find attached my first entry for the Ladder this year. Good participation among members, only three of my seventeen qsos were with non-members. And my dear friend Peter G4LHI is the first in my log on both sundays - many thanks mate. I thank also the others with whom I had qso. All the best and I hope to work you again in February.


Erkki OH7QR fists # 8318

Hello Erkki.

Congratulations on getting off to a flying start to 2012, good to see so many members on air during the ladder session(s)


From Phil. 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, here is my first log for the 2012 Ladder Activity.

A great start to the year with conditions being very good especially on the second Sunday, it was good to hear many members and work as many as I could, in fact I ran out of time to work everyone!!

Let’s hope it is as good again next month.

See you all again then.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543

Hello Phil.

Again, good to hear that many were on air. I was surprised to hear that you ran out of time to get all active in your log!

Long may it continue!


And from Greg. G0DUB

Hi Rob,

well my challenge for the ladder last year was to make it into the top half of the table. Looks like I only just missed out but time for a new challenge this year :-)

Only active on the 22nd January this time but propagation seemed good and I managed a fair run on 40m in the afternoon despite some QRM. Fair warning for all in February though, my Vibroplex bug is whispering 'use me' so there may be a significant change in keying next month...

73, Greg, G0DUB

Hello Greg.

Good to hear from you once again. I do hope you’ll meet your goal during 2012. So, the Vibro is calling out to you? Then you must answer the call!


From Derek. M0DRK

Hello Robert,

Here is my log for January Ladder. Many thanks to all stations that gave me points to start the year off. Great having Peter, M5ABN on the Ladder, hope you got plenty of points Peter? and hope that we hear more from you this year. You have been much missed.

This month my second session was on the late shift and did a bit better.. See you next month Rob, take care, 73 for now,

Derek, M0DRK

Good to hear from you Derek. Yes, I saw M5ABN’s call in other logs, and was pleasantly surprised. Let’s hope we see more of him during 2012.


And from Geoff. G0DDX


Please see attached File for my January Fists Ladder session.

Nice to still hear the usual crowd on ladder Sundays.

I managed to hear and even work a few new stations, which is nice. Especially as I only run 5w.

Hopefully I will meet some more new Fists members on the air soon. So keep an ear out for me!

Hopefully the weather will be a bit better soon and then it will be time to get out in the garden and try a different and hopefully better antenna.With a little luck I might even get a bit further up the ladder this year!

Best Regards. Geoff. G0DDX. Fists: 15552


Hello Geoff. Good to hear from you once again, and well done on your good score with 5w. You’ll have seen my comments at the beginning of this offering regarding aerials.. your earlier discussion regarding you home-brew loop in an earlier offering of BP has turned my thoughts to a 20-10m loop I have languishing somewhere. I may well hook this up to my K2 and see where the loop mounted indoors takes me…watch this space..


And from Peter. G4LHI

Hello Robert,

I attach my claim & report for January Activity Ladder 2012.

Quite good conditions on the bands this month, for the second Sunday at least, and I was able to get two good sessions in this month, do hope conditions continue to improve for the coming year, it’s so much more fun.

I only used the usual bands for the Ladder, 40M being my main activity, just dear Erkki on 20m & Danny on2m.

All my thanks, as ever, to members, future members? & non members, the stalwarts of the Fists Activities that are always there. I do like the Ladder for the opportunity to chat with the non members & hope to persuade them to join our Club one of these days? Think I may have persuaded at least one guy to join us? You never know. There certainly seemed to be quite a few I had not worked on the ladder before, not new to me, but new to the ladder score, very many thanks guys & do hope you enjoyed it & will join in regularly?

For this month I had 20 QSO’s for 36 points, so hope conditions continue to improve during the New Year & we can enjoy our Fists Activities. Looking forward the new activities calendar Rob has produced & meeting up with a few of those new members that have joined recently together with all the regulars. The next exciting event 4th to 10th of March will be Exchange Your Age Week that is fun.

I was so pleased that my very dear friend Peter, M5ABN, is back on the air & he hopes now to make it regular, so watch out for him.

Our dear friend, Graham, G0ZOD, tried his best at a portable location, but Im afraid the wx was much too bad out there to be safe, thanks for trying Graham, perhaps better luck next time?

Keep bashing the brass & good hunting to you all, & a very Happy & Healthy 2012

73 de Peter G4LHI # 2219


Hello Peter. Good to hear from you with your first report of 2012. Again, M5ABN joining in the ladder once again is certainly good news. Gratifying to hear that members turned out for the ladder.


And a warm welcome to Daryl. G0ANV

Hi Rob,

Thought i'd have a go this year on the ladder?

Work has conspired to thwart me! so just the evening session on the 22 nd. Only 8pts, but was nice to work my old friend (Peter M5ABN) on 80m?

Hoping fer a few more next month? Keep up the good work Rob.

73 de Daryl G0ANV #2270


Hello Daryl. So good to have you on board this year. Look forward to hearing from you next month.


From Darren. G0OTT.

Hello Rob,

Happy new year, enclosed are my ladder results for January, my first time for a while( Recovering from a serious illness for the past 19 months)!

Quite strange on both Sundays as the evening session was very poor, must have been a cme or other solar disturbances?

It was nice to meet many new to me members in this month, together with Piet, Peter, Pol, Erkki and Phil with his new callsign.

Had a very nice chat with Wally for the first time, the time went fast and I missed an ebay buy for the wife :(

The entries for the new challenge this year is also filling up, although 6,8 and 9 are a little sparse :)

I have no shack so I am cramped up on my computer table in the house with a W3EDP in an inverted L configuration that works surprisingly well. Dusted off my old Kent straight key to subject people to my manual fist, finding it hard at first but getting easier, like most things.

Cant wait to get a shack back at the end of the garden with better aerials, until then annoying the family in the house :)

Regards, Darren G0OTT


Hello Darren. Pleased to hear from you and glad you’re finding time to get on air with your cramped conditions. Lets hope your move to the garden shack when the weather improves yields good results. The W3EDP you mention has been a tried and trusted aerial used by myself and countless others over the years; it’s a good get you on the air aerial! I do hope that tou are faring well since your operation? I wish you a speedy return to good health, and I know this will be echoed by all of the FISTS family!


A welcome return from Peter. M5ABN who comments.

Hi Rob,

attatched is my log for Jan. Not been about for a while, but hope to be active now. Bands very noisy here in Plymouth but managed a few points to start the year.

73 fer nw Peter M5 ABN 6423


Good to hear from you Peter. Hope it’s the first of many logs/reports received from you this year. Know you have a busy schedule, lets hope you can find time to get on air once again..


And from Don. CN2JV.

This is my first Ladder. Hope I did it right. I only made contacts in one time period. Conditions should improve in the summer, but had fun. And will try to get on for all the months in this year. Still slow but working at cw.

Don't hesitate to let me know if I need to to something different to submit the ladder, or any suggestions.

Thanks, Don CN2JV.


Hello Don. And good to have you on board for the ladder.

For those who are not aware, Don is originally from the US and is is working in Rabat for two years (I believe). I hope you’ll find time in your busy schedule Don to get on air and meet the membership. I know your call will generate a lot of interest amongst the guys.



I’ve heard from Fists member, Fabio. IX0IXI-KF1B; who comments:

HI Rob.

I inform you that I am asking for IR25FISTS (Italy Remember 25th FISTS) special callsign to celebrate the 25th FISTS anniversary.

I plan to be QRV from March 1, 2012 till the end of the year, according to special licence limits.

Stay tuned for confirmation.

73 de Fabio Bonucci, IKØIXI - KF1B.


Hello Fabio. This is exciting news. I do hope that your application goes well with your licencing authority. Please keep me informed on progress. And for all concerned, I hope that you’ll listen out for Fabio with the special call should his application be a success..



Thanks to Dennis K6DF, FISTS Award Manager, for the following information. There may be some familiar callsigns in the list!!

January 2012 FISTS Awards

Congratulations to the following members:

Peter G4LHI #2219

Millionaire 4 Million Sticker and Millionaire 5 Million Sticker


Erkki OH7QR #8318

Silver Century, Gold Century, 1 X QRP, Platinum, Millionaire, Millionaire 2 Million Sticker, Millionaire 3 Million Sticker and RCC (Rag Chewers' Club)


Pol G3HAL #8367

Gold Century, Millionaire, Millionaire 2 Million Sticker and Millionaire 3 Million Sticker


John VK4TJ #9080

Millionaire 4 Million Sticker


Gene W5GXV #11347

Millionaire 18 Million Sticker



W3QT #13724

Millionaire 2 Million Sticker


Chris WU1E #14294

Silver Century, Platinum and Millionaire 2 Million Sticker


Bob K8AAI #14989

Basic Century


Well done to all..


So, here are the ladder results for 2012.

An encouraging start with new and not so new fists joining in for the activity. I do hope the trend will continue.

G4LHI 36
OH7QR 31
2E0DPH 29
M5ABN 27
G0OTT 24
M0DRK 23
G0DDX 20
G0DUB 12
MX5IPX © 3


By now, many, if not all will have received the first batch of 25 th anniversay mugs; not without mishap, I will add.

Replacements will be produced as soon as possible. My apologies to all concerned.

A second run of the product is on the horizon.


That’s all from me for another month.

Till next time.

Keep well,

Keep pounding brass.



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