November-December 2012

Issue 80

Welcome once again from the stable of M0BPT with what is the final consolidated November-December editions that are edited by myself.

For those who may be not aware, Chris G5VZ is taking on the mantel from January 2013. I do hope you'll support Chris with his new venture on behalf of the society.

On to business, but before I do, may I apologise for such a late two editions, a home move has taken precedence over fists duties, but I'm happy to say that I'm slowly clearing the backlog. SKW 2012 results in due course..

Lets look at some reports received over the past two months; and of course the final results table for 2012.

From Erkki OH7QR

Hi Robert,
Please find attached my Ladder-log for November. I had only one QSO on 25th because the contest caused much QRM. But Peter did hear me and we managed to have our usual QSO, many thanks mate. I’m not sure if I can participate in December. We are maybe away on the 9th and we will celebrate the Christmas in a hotel. It is too cold to work in the car, and I will not take my mobile station with me.
73 Erkki OH7QR, fists 8318

Hello Erkki. Good to hear from you; although belatedly hoope yourself and Leena had a good festive period and are refreshed and looking forward to 2013


From Alex PA1FOX

Hi Robert,

Here is my entry for the ladder of November. Had some more participation than in previous ladders. Contest QRM makes is hard for me as I really need to get me an Xtal IF filter. Currently receiving 2,5 kHz wide with just an audio CW filter. During happy times on 40m it is not sufficient, hi.

But who will know what Father X-mas will bring me?

Anyway had lots of fun, hope to take part more and more if I can find the time.

73, Alex #15884 PA1FOX

Hello Alex. Good to hear from you and hope father Xmas came along loaded with Xmas radio related goddies for you!


From Derek M0DRK

Hi Robert, Here is my log for The Fists Ladder for November. Once again 40 meters has been very good to meet up on for the Ladder. Very pleased to meet for the first time David G0DXX nr15901. I've never yet claimed any Millionaire Awards but will have to have a check up to see just what I'm worth in Fists Nrs., hi.
As the station manager has decided on a few days away, I will only catch 1st day and maybe last two days of the SK Week, so good luck to all those taking part.
Take care Robert, will try and get a good log for next month, hope all ok with you and those close to you, both of us are fb. 73 for now, Derek, M0DRK, 8344.

Hello Derek, once again good to hear from you, good to hear that you and Mollie are doing fb. Millionaire awards, I'd imagine that you are like your bank balance, a multi-millionaire with fists numbers..hi-hi... Hope you both enjoyed yor few days away; and as ever, keep well the both of you.


And Don, CN2JV joins us this month from Morocco.

Well I managed to get in on another Ladder. Conditions are not always so good to Morocco, and there is so much noise here in the city that I can only get the really strong signals, (besides not copying very fast). Had 3 contacts even one Fists member (M3ZGD).
All on 15 meters though, as it is the quietest. Not many points, but enough to keep me off the bottom of the list, hi,hi.

Don, CN2JV

Hello Don, good to hear from you once again, pleased you managed to get on and get a few points, and M3ZGD a bonus! All helps towards one of the many awards within the society. Hope that you'll find more time and conditions improve for you during 2013.


From Phil 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, here is my latest log for the November Ladder Activity.

Only able to get on air for a short while in the evening on the first Sunday with conditions being rather ‘challenging’. The second Sunday afternoon much better and great fun dodging those ‘TEST’ chappies Hi!. I hope members enjoyed my latest report on the reflector Hi !!! ..must work this email thing out at some point

Many thanks to all again to all.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543

Hello Phil, not too bad here thanks, hoping yourself and Mrs 2E0DPH doing fb. Challenging condx make all the more fun..hi-hi


From Pete G0TLU

Hi Rob,
Attached is my ladder entry for November. Only managed one session again this month, and I was expecting that to be difficult due to the major CW contest on the 25th. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find inter-G signals on 40m were very strong (nearly all my QSOs were 599 both ways) which gave us a fighting chance against the QRM.
May I take this opportunity to add my thanks for your sterling work as our Activities Manager these past years.
73, Pete G0TLU #10803

Hello Pete, good to hear from you, many thanks for your kind words and support. Pleased to hear that you had good signals inter G.


From Peter G4LHI

Hello Rob, I attach my claim & report for Activity Ladder November 2012.

Well Rob, I did think we may have had rather a hard struggle on the second session this month with the WWCQ CW contest, but I think us Fists guys may have won the battle, but not the war hi.

Conditions on the bands were good for us again, enjoyable, apart from the heavy QRM from the contest guys, the good conditions may have helped a little, & do hope this is a sign that we may be blessed with good conditions for at least to the end of the year, & perhaps the early Spring?

As well as the old Ladder stalwarts, I was also very pleased to work Tony, 2E0VHA, 14834, for the first time, welcome to the club Tony & hope we will hear you on the bands quite often?.

For November I had 23 QSO’s for 43 points, not quite as good as last month, not any of the high scoring Fists Club stns heard hi, but very pleased with all of the smashing QSO’s.

Thank you as always Rob for the very interesting Activities you provide for us to enjoy, & I am looking forward to the next Activity, the “SK Week in December”.

Thank all of you that joined in & supported this event, members & non members & look forward to working those that I worked for the first time, many more times.

Keep bashing the brass & good hunting to you all, & most of all have fun whatever the conditions!

73/88 de Peter G4LHI # 2219

Hello Peter. Good to hear from you with your report and overview. One or two have spoken about the "challenging" conditions; I enjoyed your comment regarding "won the battle, but not the war" hi-hi.


Welcome to Chris G7DDN

Hi Rob
First go at the ladder events and only managed one QSO - I worked Darren in Coventry just a few miles away from myself near Solihull!
Hope to improve on this in future which should be quite easy... HI!
Chris G7DDN

Hello Chris. Welcome! Doesn't matter how many and how far away the contact is.. Hi. I'm reminded of the tale of two OOT's who used to chat to one another using dummy loads if they wanted a private QSO without being disturbed; as their homes were within 10 yards of each other quite easy, and they'd count for points! Hi-hi. Hope you'll be more active during 2013.


And from Geoff G0DDX


Back on the ladder this month, as was away to my youngest' graduation ceremony for the previous ladder session. Wow! what a busy band it was today! However managed to work some of the closer stations.

My Flex1500 has developed a fault where it will start to transmit without anyone even touching the rig or the key. Hope to have it sorted soon. I would have dearly loved to have had it going for today's ladder. The fully variable filter, and tracking multiple notch filters would have been really useful in quieting those unwanted signals.

It was good to hear the usual crowd on. Worked Peter G0TLU in Worthing, who is a new station for me, although have heard him on, but not worked him until today.

Nice to hear Daryl G0ANV back on the ladder this month. Hopefully next month should be a bit better.

Regards Geoff G0DDX Fists: 15552

Hello Geoff. Sad to hear that the 1500 has developed a fault "Ghost in the machine" rears its ugly head once more! Good to hear that you've hooked up with G0TLU and certainly nice to hear that Daryl is active again.


From Darren G0OTT

Hello Robert,

I had my best score ever on the first afternoon session, 21 points, even better was meeting 4 new to me members. The conditions on 40m were outstanding in the afternoon, I had a mini pile up on 7.028 sorry to all the people I did not pick out. I QSY'd dwn a bit and continued to make qso's.

I am writing this after the afternoon session on the 25th, I see no point in suffering the evening session in the CQWW test. Had a nice afternoon session again on 25th, nice to see Daryl back on the ladder.

The qrm really tested my KX3 to the limit, glad it works so well and I stumped up for the roofing filters!

Managed and enjoyed 3 sessions this month. Hope to make it for the SKW starting next weekend, need to wire up my Kent to the KX3 :)
Also look forward to December Ladder.

Cu on air sn 73 es GL Darren G0OTT 14062

Hello Darren. Many thanks for your report and overview. Very pleased that you've managed your best ever score with the ladder during 2012. I must confess that I've heard your barnstorming signal on the band(s) and can well understand the mini pile up you created. Keep well, and enjoy 2013.


From Gra. G3ZOD

Hi Rob. I was unable to get on the air for the 25th November and the 11th November was "challenging", so the results are a little "thin". A QSO not included (because I failed to extract a QTH) was with a QRS station on 20m, who by matching keyer speed with him, was sending at 9wpm. I'm very happy to have this kind of QSO, although this was made a bit tricky by his lack of standard operating procedures. I figured out eventually that "RX" followed by silence was an invitation for me to transmit and at one point I thought the QSO was over, only to find another over coming at me, HI. Everyone needs to learn at some point, but it does highlight that although we may no longer need strict operating procedures dating back to the time when we could potentially be called by government or military stations, it is nevertheless desirable that there's some semblance of procedures or else chaos ensues! HI.

73 de Graham G3ZOD

Hi Gra. Good to hear from you. I do agree with your sentiments regarding procedural characters. As you say, we have to start somewhere but this is where "self learning" fails somewhat, I do, and always will advocate a structured way of learning CW, whether it be at the local radio club or "on air" listening via various mediums/organisations.


Some news on awards for November:

Thanks to Dennis K6DF, FISTS Awards Manager, for the following information.

November 2012 FISTS Awards

Congratulations to the following members:
Prefix Version 1 and Prefix Version 2

Prefix Version 1 and Prefix Version 2

Congratulations to both recipients.

This concludes the reports and news for November 2012; on to the December reports and overview.


From Derek M0DRK

Hi Robert, Firstly I'd like to wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year and hope that you had a pleasant Christmas. Happy New Year also to all of those who work hard so that we get our news letters etc and of course to all Fists members everywhere. Thank you to all members that I was pleased to QSO during 2012. Enclosed is my final Ladder log for the year, I had hoped to get a really good score to finish on but not to be, hi.
Take care Robert, thanks again for all you have done for us and hope catch up with you perhaps on cw soon. Very 73 for now, Derek, M0DRK, Nr 8344.

Hi Derek always a pleasure to hear from you. have a good 2013. My best wishes to Mollie and yourself. Keep well, take care. with 73, Robert


From Geoff G0DDX


I hope everyone had a better Xmas than I did!

I'm really sorry that I missed the last session of the year. That was down to a visit by and old and uninvited guest called Norah Virus! She swept through the entire family, and has even caused us to postpone Christmas Dinner. To make matters worse, I find the Chicken has gone off and is now residing in the dustbin.

Some Xmas this is turning out to be! Lets hope the coming New Year brings us all something nice for a change.

Best Regards, and Happy New Year to everyone in FISTS,

Geoff G0DDX Fists: 15552

Hello Geoff. Good to hear from you and am hoping that the virus has cleared away from you and the family, a nice time of the year for Norah to come and visit! Over the Xmas period an 11 week old baby of a friends son had the same visit from Norah and all their Xmas and new year was spent at the local hospital, such was the severity of the attack on the infant! Happily she's over it now. As I write this my younger brothers wife has Norah and she has lost 9lbs in weight! A nasty bug indeed! I do hope that yourself and the family have a good 2013. Take care. 73 Robert.


From Peter G4LHI

Hello Rob,

Well Rob, a very sad ending to the year & your 6 years plus with you as our very efficient Activities Manager, but as you say you will still be there in the background doing your other duties for our Fists Club,& perhaps more time to get on the air & enjoy a bit of CW !.

Personally I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me during this period & all the enthusiasm you have put in to encourage members to join in & enjoy these activities you have provided for us.

Conditions on the bands were fairly good for us again this month, enjoyable, apart from the heavy QRM from the contest guys calling CQ NA on the first session, Im not sure about the second session as it appears conditions did not appear to favor my rxing, I apparently was not hearing quite a few stations that replied to my CQ, I must apologies for that guys.

As well as the old stalwarts on the ladder, I was also very pleased to work two new members very recently joining us & coming on the ladder for the first time,Chris,ON6ZQ,15944 & Ed, G4MZL,15973, welcome to the club Chris &Ed & hope we will hear you on the bands quite often?.

For December I had 19 QSO’s for 37 points, not one of my best scores, not any of the high scoring Fists Club stns heard hi, but very pleased with all of the smashing QSO’s, very enjoyable as usual,& many thanks guys for all the QSO’s & points during the year.

Thank you as always Rob for the very interesting Activities you have provided for us for the last 6 years plus, you will most certainly be missed. We will have to be patient & see what may develop.

All the very best to all members and your families. Hope you all had an enjoyable & peaceful Xmas & may 2013 be a Healthy year for you all, & perhaps better conditions on the bands?

Unfortunately dear Erkki was not available for the last months ladder, but I am sure he will be reading the BP & I thank you my very dear friend for a most enjoyable year of Fists Activities, good luck to Leena & you Erkki & I have no doubt we will certainly keep in touch on the key

Keep Bashing the Brass guys & enjoy your CW QSO’s

73/88 to you all, Peter G4LHI # 2219 kn.

Hello Peter. As ever many thanks for your report and overview of the months happenings. It's been a pleasure to receive your entries over the years, I thank you for your kind words and support. I hope that 2013 brings you health good condx to enjoy your CW .Take care. 73 Robert.


From Darren G0OTT

Hi Rob,

Not much activity here in the last month of the year.

I only managed an hour or so in the last session.

Conditions not good on 40m or 80m with no inter G(but 1 GI)

Had a few qso's around Europe, nearly fell of my chair when Bill W1KX called me, was struggle but managed to exchange reports and numbers!
A very pleasing qso, just goes to show how you can never tell what conditions will turn up?

Many thanks to all the members that have come on air to support the ladder all year.

I hope every one had a fabulous Christmas and all the best for 2013,

Regards Darren G0OTT #14062

Hi Darren. Good to heasr from you with your final report. Nice QSO with the W1! Many thanks for your support over the year. Keep well. 73 Robert.


From Phil 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, here is my log for the December 2012 Ladder activity.

Well another year has just flown by where did that one go!

Many thanks to all those I have worked on the ladder during the year, it has been a pleasure to make contact with both regular and new members.

Thanks to you Rob for all the effort and work over the past few years with the organisation and running these events,

A prosperous and healthy new year to you all.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543

Hello Phil. Good to hear from you once again. Yes the years do fly by, when you look back you wonder what you've done and where's it gone! A good 2013 to you and yours; I'm sure we'll keep in touch. with 73; Robert.


From Gra G3ZOD

Hi Rob. Sadly, I wasn't able to make it on the air for any of the December Activities; I hope be able to participate again in 2013. A very big thank you for all your work on the FISTS Activities.

73 de Graham G3ZOD.

Hi Gra. A busy time of the year, all understood. Thanks for your kind words, I'll take the oportunity of thanking you also for your tireless work on behalf of the society. I wish you and Mrs ZOD a happy and healthy 2013. Take care. with 73 Rob


That concludes the reports for December 2012.

Some awards news:

Thanks to Dennis K6DF, FISTS Awards Manager, for the following information.

December 2012 FISTS Awards

Congratulations to the following members:
Millionaire 3 Million Sticker

Prefix Version 1 and Prefix Version 2

Millionaire 2 Million Sticker

Prefix Version 1 and Prefix Version 2


On to the all important final results table for 2012.

G4LHI 36 36 44 46 40 33 25 40 53 47 43 37 480
2E0DPH 29 30 44 27 32 31 29 32 40 35 29 27 385
G0OTT 24 31 32 37 27 31 30 0 28 28 21 6 295
OH7QR/OG9R 31 25 30 23 6 27 24 30 26 24 12 0 258
M0DRK 23 20 29 26 15 16 17 23 19 25 21 13 247
G3ZOD 8 19 10 18 6 16 6 17 14 21 8 0 143
G0DDX 20 25 29 0 7 16 10 4 10 0 14 6 141
G0TLU 0 0 15 10 9 14 7 6 21 8 10 0 100
M5ABN 27 31 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 69
2E0JCY 0 0 18 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32
G0DUB 12 6 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 29
G0ANV 8 0 0 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28
DL4FDM 0 17 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 25
PA1FOX 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 10 0 18
CN2JV 4 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 14
SQ5RIX 0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7
SA0AAZ 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6
MM6SRL 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 6
SM6DER 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2
G7DDN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2
MX5IPX © 3 11 3 12 13 14 10 16 18 12 2 0 114
GX3ZQS © 0 12 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
GX0IPX © 0 0 19 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 19

Congratulations go to G4LHI for holding top spot throughout 2012 with an exceptional score. Congratulations also to 2E0DPH and G0OTT for second and third places respectively. Certificates in due course.

My thanks go to all who've found time to come on during 2012 and support the activities; its been a pleasure getting to know everyone, either by email or face to face during the rallies attended. I do hope that you'll continue your support throughout 2013 with the new activity manager; Chris, G5VZ. It's been a wonderful six years, I look forward to meeting you on air in the future time permitting. I wish all members; both present and future, health and happiness.

As ever, pdf and MS word versions of this offering available by going here pdf and here MS word


Of course I couldn't sign off without saying;

Keep well

Keep "Pounding Brass"

With 73



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