September 2012-10-17

Issue 78


Welcome once again from the stable of M0BPT, with the September offering of BP.

Some pleasing comments this month regarding band conditions; this is reflected in some of the scores received. Lets hope this tend will continue.

On to comments/reports received this month



From Peter G0TLU.

Hi Rob,

Better propagation conditions seem to have returned to 40m this month, but the band is still noisy down here. A personal best Ladder entry for me, claiming 21 points. Let's hope it continues! Nice to meet some members for the first time in September - Nigel G0IIK who I first worked from my new /P location early in the month and then from home on the Ladder on the 23rd. Also Brian G3WCY and Dave G0BXV on the Ladder. Thanks all for the points!

73, Pete G0TLU #10803


Hi Pete. Well done on receiving a personal best on the ladder! Hope you can improve on this next month



From Darren G0OTT

Hello Robert,

Please find my attached log for September Ladder sessions.

I left my logbook in the caravan for August, I was /p for all sessions last month, only managed a few members with plenty of non members, was great on the beach at Woolacombe with my new KX3.

Back to this month, conditions are very changeable with lots of QSB and QRN, 40m being my main band as usual.

The first Sunday was spent QRP with my new toy, 3 to 5 watts into W3EDP.

Was nice to meet up with new members and catch up with the regulars.

Last Sunday was with my FT990, managed all four sessions with 48 QSO's, best two being 28 points.

Look forward to 80m getting better as the nights get longer!

Hope to make it for the rest of the years Ladder events

Regards Darren G0OTT


Hello Darren, Glad you’re enjoying the new addition to G0OTT, I see that you have a FT990. Nice piece of kit! I’m sure that I’ll open a wasps nest when I make this comment “One of Yaesu’s finest”



From Geoff, G0DDX


Enclosed my September Fists Ladder session.

A marginal improvement for me. I really must fix up some better antennas!

It was good to hear the usual crowd on, but I managed to miss several members.

But them there is always next month.

Best Regards

Geoff G0DDX Fists: 15552


Hello Geoff, Good to hear from you. And pleased you managed to hook up with the regulars.



From Peter G4LHI


Hello Rob,

I attach my claim & report for Activity Ladder September 2012.

Well Rob, it is such a pleasure to say yet again, conditions were “good” for the September Ladder, in fact in my opinion, much better than Aug. I thoroughly enjoyed the event as usual, the good conditions made it so much more enjoyable, but very sorry not to be able to work every one that joined in, just not enough time in the two hours hi.

Both the Sundays I had about the same number of QSO’s, but was fortunate to work dear Graham with a nice 5 pointer on the second Sunday, many thanks for that Graham.

I was also very pleased to work Stephen, MM6SRL, for the first time on the Ladder, I have had a lot of QRS QSO’s with him since he has joined Fists, but this is the very first, of many I hope, for any points hi!

For September I had 25 QSO’s for 53 points, best ever & more like old times on the bands.

Thank all of you that joined in & supported this event & look forward to working those that I worked for the first time, many more times in the Ladder & the many events that our Activities Manager organizes for us all to enjoy.

Thank you as always Rob for the very interesting activities you provide for us & looking forward to the next activity, the SK Week in December.

Keep bashing the brass & good hunting to you all, & most of all have fun whatever the conditions!

73 de Peter G4LHI # 2219


Hello Peter, an excellent score from you and others this month. Favourable conditions did indeed improve entrants score sheets; long may it continue.



From Phil. 2E0DPH

Hello Rob,

Hope you are well, here is my log for the September Ladder Activity.

Very good to find conditions on the up at last on both Sundays as well. It was good to hear and work both the regular and new members.

See you all again next month.

73 Phil 2E0DPH Fists 14543


Hello Phil. All well here, thanks for your enquiry; I trust all well at 2E0DPH and family?

Good to hear that you managed to pick up a few new members.



From Erkki OH7QR

Hello Robert,

I hope you are well. Enclosed my log for the September Ladder. On the 9th I had only four QSOs, one reason is that I had a 32 minutes long QSO with a NM station. But the QSO was enjoyable, so I don’t don't mind about the points, HI. Many thanks to all for the QSOs and cu in October.


Erkki OH7QR # 8318


Hello Erkki. Good to hear from you, I trust yourself and Leena are FB? A 32 minute QSO with a NM is indeed enjoyable! More fun than the “rubber stamp” variety.



From Derk M0DRK.


Hi Robert, Here is my log for September. Again, many thanks to all stations that I worrked for points. A pleasure to meet for the first time Brian G3WCY Nr15826 and Gordon M3ZGD Nr 15879. Hope that you both enjoyed the Ladder and got plenty of points from other Fists Members.

Sorry that I was not in time with my log for the Silver Jubilee Week Robert. As I didn't get on too much, I only managed to get just fifty points in total, but it was nice to work several stations throughout the week.

Take Care Robert, see you next month,

Derek, M0DRK, 8344


Hello Derek. Good to hear that you’ve got a couple of new members to the society in your log. Not a problem with SJW; we all lead such busy lives, oversights are inevitable at some time.

Hope yourself and Mollie keeping well.


G3ZOD comments

Hi Rob.

The first Ladder sessions fell on the first day after the Silver Jubilee Week, which I think reduced the activity levels somewhat. This was also the last day for the Olympic "O" prefixes. I only came across two other stations using an "O" during the whole period - bit of a surprise. Using MO5IPX caused a few problems as quite frequently people send "M zero" instead of "M letter-O" (including myself once or twice) - I guess that it was due to mis-reading notes and/or "M zero" is a relatively active callsign series.


The second Ladder sessions were blessed with some above average conditions on 40m, which was a nice change, albeit with deep QSB.


73 de Graham G3ZOD


Hello Gra. Yes, the “O” prefix did cause a few difficulties! I was listening to a “GO4” prefix in QSO with a mainland European station; who was replying with “GØ4” every time! The poor G4 sent “GO4” twice whenever he could, but the other chap never grasped what his true call was.


Some awards news.

Thanks to Dennis K6DF, FISTS Awards Manager, for the following information.

September 2012 FISTS Awards

Congratulations to the following members:

Stan K4UK #2934

Prefix Version 1, Prefix Version 2 and Millionaire 17 Million Sticker


Tony G3ZRJ #7727

Silver Century, Gold Century, Millionaire and Platinum


Rien PA7RA #9819

Silver Century and Millionaire


Gary AB0BM #13663

Gold Century and Millionaire 4 Million Sticker


Darren G0OTT #14062

Silver Century and One Way QRP


Well done to all concerned.


On to the results table.

G4LHI 36 36 44 46 40 33 25 40 53 353
2E0DPH 29 30 44 27 32 31 29 32 40 294
G0OTT 24 31 32 37 27 31 30 0 28 240
OH7QR/OG9R 31 25 30 23 6 27 24 30 26 222
M0DRK 23 20 29 26 15 16 17 23 19 188
G0DDX 20 25 29 0 7 16 10 4 10 121
G3ZOD 8 19 10 18 6 16 6 17 14 114
G0TLU 0 0 15 10 9 14 7 6 21 82
M5ABN 27 31 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 69
2E0JCY 0 0 18 14 0 0 0 0 0 32
G0DUB 12 6 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 29
G0ANV 8 0 0 20 0 0 0 0 0 28
DL4FDM 0 17 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 25
CN2JV 4 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 10
PA1FOX 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 8
SQ5RIX 0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7
SA0AAZ 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 6
MM6SRL 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 6
SM6DER 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2
MX5IPX © 3 11 3 12 13 14 10 16 18 100
GX3ZQS © 0 12 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 22
GX0IPX © 0 0 19 0 0 0 0 0 0 19


Some big scores achieved this month by some entrants. Long may the conditons last.


As some have mentioned, the last main event on the 2012 calendar is the “Straight Key Week” Running from the 2 nd to the 8 th of December inclusive; and of course the ladder will be running until the end of the year.


As some of the anniversary glassware has been arriving at members homes. Dave, G4AJY has kindly sent an image of himself with his acquisitions. Thanks Dave.

To see a full size image click HERE

Hope I'll receive some more


Finally, after some serious thought, I’ve decided that, at the end of this year; I shall step down as activity organiser for the society. I have been active with the task since 2006, and one feels that its now time for the reigns to picked up by someone who will hopefully have fresh ideas and take the society forward during 2013 and beyond.

I hope that someone will come forward to take on the task, and I’m happy to offer help during the transitional period.

I would like to thank of course, the membership that I’ve been able meet, and who have become friends during the time I’ve been looking after the activity portfolio. I shall of course be continuing with my other varied tasks.

The society looks forward to hearing from interested parties.


As ever both PDF and MS Word downloads are available by pointing your cursor to whatever format you require.


Until next time.

Keep well,

Keep pounding brass!

73. M0BPT.

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